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. they are painting using compressors, repair work that would normally impact traffic in a major way. >> it helps cal tran get work done. >> this is going to be in great shape, a good compliment to the brandt newbridge. it's an exciting day for everybody. >> reporter: workers have t eer to finish up work that needs to be done to get the toll plaza open for opening day. they are replacing the light bulbs with led bulbs. they are hoping to be ahead of schedule. >>> thanks a lot. they can't use that bridge. so they're using that bridge. the san mateo bridge. and things moving along bretty smoothly. certainly coming westbound, slow going eastbound. it's much better than it was not that long ago. >>> now to a nbc bay area follow up. just days before the new span is set to open, cal trans has truck driver who died in 2009 who failed to navigate an s-curve. cal tran settled for $700,000. the lawsuit accused cal trans of not warning drivers about the sharp curve. state officials said he was traveling too fast and carrying more weight than he should have. the bridge is set to reopen at 5:00 tuesday morning. w
remains open. we want to bring in gail spears, a spokesperson from the city of fairfield. are you with us? >> caller: i am. >> at this point, it's 6:00. can you tell us the very latest? >> caller: we've opened an evacuation center over at fairfield high for those who are being displaced right now for their safety. >> from what i've seen in the 5:00 hour, we saw a lot of smokes, a lot of flames. it looks like it's dissipated. it seems that firefighters have gotten control of this, what's your perspective? >> caller: hthey're not saying contained, but they're saying control. they are on the scene and they're making sure they're going to get this fire completely out so no other homes are threatened. >> do you know how many homes were lost? there were talk about five lost and five others threatened? >> caller: last report is that we had five homes fully involved in the fire. >> and the apartment building, the bennington apartment building, was that evacuated orb just a precaution? >>. >> caller: vac wait as a precaution. so we've had about 50 evacuees head over to fairfield high. >> are there
department is clarifying it's policy on helmet mounted cameras used to capture a record of emergency scenes. fire officials said this afternoon that they have had a ban in place since 2009. banning firefighters from using recording devices at work. they say the one used at the scene of the crash sight was a personal camera mounted by a individual firefighter. >>> we're expected to learn more about what caused that deadly limousine fire. they will release how the fire was started. five women, including a bride to be, died on may 4th. orville brown was driving the investigation. he said his estranged wife and he were arguing on the phone when it happened. phone records show that is not true. >>> a singer is filing a lawsuit against the city of heyward. monte joins us with more on that story. >> good evening. as a result of the attack, lester chambers had to an a series of performances. back on july 13th, a woman jumped on teenage ae attacked him at the blues festival just after chambers dedicated a song to trayvon martin. the woman was charged with two felonies. her attorney claims she suffer
ago. fortunately, she wasn't hurt, but she is certainly rattled. as she shares her experience with us, it's clear the robber didn't just steal her necklace, he stole her sense of security in her new community. most of the necklace grabs happened during the day, sometime between 7:00 in the morning and 9:00 at night. and we also want to tell you that this is a crime that is happening in other bay area city, including most recently in fremont. reporting live in sunnyvale, marianne favro. >>> a new call tonight to strengthen the san jose police department. mayor chuck reed and a councilmember called for adding officers, and restoring wages for current officers. the cost of the new plan bo be approximately $50 million a year. the proposal will be discussed at the september 3rd city council meeting. >>> police have arrested a south bay substitute teacher after detectives say they found 2,000 images of child porn in his home. they arrested 39 year old brian westphal. he has been a teacher since 2006. before that, he worked with the ymca. as a precaution, police have interviewed students who
and pled no contest to $6 million involving efficiency and equipment use. some of the money will go to ri richmond builds that helps put people to work. >> traffic is finally moving after a big rig fire caused major closures and headaches. this is cell phone video about the time the fire started just before 6:00 this morning. the truck carrying rice, sushi, vinegar and other foods was on the treasure island offramp when the fire started. the damage was already done. lane closures for most of the day tied up traffic on the upper deck into san francisco. all lanes reopened around 3:30 this afternoon. the driver of the big rig was not hurt. >>> no lights and sirens, but an emergency nonetheless. santa clara county's ambulance provider filed for bankruptcy. but financial difficulties will not impact patient care. they show us what it means for people who call 911. >> rural metro filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy to restructure the debt. >> the bankruptcy means we can continue and maintain the services as is. and be able to move forward as a company in the right direction. >> it's been a rough r
grandmother, but she wouldn't specify that this was a young woman who was struck. cal osha told us that it was a young woman. she was walking on the sidewalk between the fine arts building and the vocational training center when that massive front loader backed uh, moving a load of dirt. one. crew members called 911. she was transported to valley medical center, but even being that chose to the trauma center, there was nothing that. >>s could do. the scheef operating officer says that the worker who was driving that front load earn has more than 35 years of experience. he was questioned by police. and he also met with a grief counselor after the accident. san jose police took over the investigation from campus police. but investigators have not said how that woman came to be behind the front loader, whether it was because the area was not properly secured or whether she was someplace she was not supposed to be. for now, the chancellor of the san jose college district and preston pipeline's chief operating officer says the vifo discu cuss is on the victim and the operator. >> our he
. tonight it's going to start in sunnyvale. they plan to use major roadways. police are warning drivers to be on the lookout. >>> just into our newsroom. a major blow to california's high speed rail project. when voters approved the plan in 2008, the proposition stated that all funding for this first phase would be identified. but a sacramento county judge ruled today that the draft plan filed last year was vague and identified some federal money sources as theoretical possibilities. the judge did not immediately suspend funding for this project a hearing to determine what happens next. >>> new details in a murder trial. argumentative and combative. the accused serial killer told the judge the case against him is weak. he is accused of killing four women in the 1970s and the '90s, he's acting as his own attorney and delivered his own closing argument. >> he wants people to think he's just a misunderstood doderring old photographer and this is all just a big mistake. >> reporter: and he is taking his time making his final pitch, trying to convince jurors that he didn't kill four women. h
details for us. >> reporter: jessica, firefighters tell me this has been a relatively good day. the rim fire, as you mentioned, is now 15% contained. and though thousands and thousands of acres of wild land have burned, things finally seem to be moving in the right direction. firefighters are pouring all they have on the rim fire. now in its second week, the fire's torched 150,000 acres, destroyed more than 20 structure, including 11 homes. 4500 houses remained threatened. >> i could see from my house, and just hard being able to get your stuff together, what to pack, whatnot to pack. what's valuable, what's not. >> reporter: residents and business openers in tuolumne are the latest on edge as the fire creeps its way toward the usually sleepy town. but they say the amount of help coming in is comforting. >> there's like a fire truck for every house. that's a good thought to go to sleep with at night, you know. >> our number one thought out there is firefighter safety and the safety of the community. >> reporter: this strike team is among the 3700 firefighters on the front line. their ta
standing up and saying we require you, chevron, to be accountable to us. >> reporter: the richmond mayor says it's time for chevron to make good for last year's refinery fire. she says the city will file a lawsuit against chevron tomorrow. >> this incident sent 15,000 people to local hospitals for respiratory ailments and conditions and such. and we, we saw a whole, a real near miss for deaths, and, you know, 19 workers just barely escaped a situation, a fatal situation. >> a lot of people believe that the stigma from that fire played a role in the drop in richmond property values. >> reporter: city councilman tom butts says it cost the city millions in revenues, but it's more than about money. >> it's important that chevron has taken the lessons to heart and that they have changed their safety culture to heart. >> reporter: chevron says they haven't seen the lawsuit so can't comment on its merits but they say we believe the we did significance to pursue such a suit is a waste of the city's resources and yet another example of its failed leadership. but community activists say they're gl
for the first time, team president took us on a tour. >> we're almost done with the seats. >> reporter: they say they began to unearth surprise after surprise. >> we thought there was a 6 inch concrete slab. they called them icebergs. they would hit one, and they didn't know how big they were. >> reporter: 70 vaults, sub vaults, used as bombshell ters. crews also is found munitions. but why didn't they know about this before? he says there was no real record of the building. >> we've brought some old employees from the actual factory out to get some more insight as to what was there. >> reporter: the old company was here in the early 19 hundreds. they are saying the planning group worked with the company. but drawings were never complete and called this situation rare. still, news of the delay upset some fans on the facebook page. one called the delay very amateur. the team's president wants to reassure fans this stadium will be up and running before they know it. >> we've been known to be very good late in games. so i think we'll probably see the same thing on this stadium build. >> reporter: n
in the investigateive unit. 1-8 eight 8-996-tips or you can send us an e-mail directly to the unit. >> the high price of living on the peninsula, drive families out of their homes and on to the street and that option has been kicked to the curb, sleeping in vehicles has been banned. making it a question, is it making it harder on the have-nots to stay in the area. >> i'm here in palo alto and this is where several people sleep in their cars every night. but now that the city has issued a new ban. some are wondering where they will go. >> for dozens of people that sleep in cars, vans and rvs in the parking lot in palo alto. this is home. or at least it was. last night the city council approved an ordinance to make it illegal to sleep in your vehicle in palo alto. >> it's hating the homeless, it's a hate crime. so what if the other cities have done it. it does not mean it right. >> palo alto mayor said that police will only respond to complaints and will not actively kick people out who are just sleeping if their cars. >> it's not unnecessarily targeting anyone. what it does is provide the police a too
area coke's cell phone was tracked to solano county. coke's sister told us earlier this week her teenage daughter used the find my iphone app sunday night and it indeed went to vacaville. >> we know it came to rest in richmond. it seemed to be all over in oakland, in vacaville, in different neighborhoods. >> reporter: a police source says surveillance cameras captured coke's car crossing the car car teens that bridge. also a man gassing up her car and using her atm card. all clues that took investigators to the vacaville area. the source says alana, who's been arrest on a parole violation and has been named a person of interest, was found with coke's keys and her credit card. he also had on muddy boots. >> this is an ongoing investigation. it's evolving. it's evolving quickly now. things have happened. a body has been located. >> reporter: though the body was found here in solano county, once investigators are finished processing the crime scene, we are told it will be transported to the alameda county coroner's office at the request of the oakland prevent. again, no word on how
. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence are saying they're acting on information from a credible source. they say details are vague. >> the question will be if something doesn't happen in a couple of days how long these heightened measures can be kept in place. >> reporter: for americans overseas a tense month that is just beginning. >> the u.s. embassy in afghanistan is one of the 22 u.s. embassies and consulates that are supposed to shut down temporarily starting tomorrow as nbc reports, the embassy is no ranger to shutdowns. >> this is one of the most major warnings they have received in a very long time primarily because of the global implications. that being said, the u.s. embassy will go through its normal lockdown procedures which includes restricted movements, meaning no embassy vehicle will leave the compound. as for individuals coming inside of the embassy for meetings, those meetings have been cancelled and the afghan staff have been asked not to come to work. today in eastern afghanistan the indian consulate was a target of three suicide attackers who were not able to penetrate the ga
on the campus ofçói]çó san jose city c. gonzalezxd was run over by a tractor being used for on campus construction. >> in close quarters it would be moree1 someone directing lptraf. >> reporter: thet( san jose community college district police department is leading the the tragedy unfolded.rmine how ? gonzalez lived in san jose and she was on campus to reenroll in school. he had last been a student inó[ the fall of 2009. >> takeq more ó[precautions. the incident close to that happens here on campus. we have a lot of studentsok goi to and fro. >> reporter: beençó halted at the site of th accident. the students will be paying attention to the other construction zones on cam5. >> theyt( are well marked. i don't see why a student would be hurt or injured or killed in something like that. that is concerning for a student. >> do you feel that the construction areas are clearly marked? >> yeah. i mean, it's pretty avoidablew3 and marked off if you ask me. >> reporter: and again the construction project has beenñr stopped while the community college police department conducts its invest
security. the u.s. senate passed a bipartisan bill earlier. yesterday, the republican national committee passed a resolution calling on their members to pass a bill by the end of the year. the congressman says, republicans are not willing to budge on the citizenship issue. >> there are many people that do not want to give them a pathway to citizenship. i heard that today. for me, one, i think it is the right thing to do. it is who we are as a country. we have to do it safely and securely in a way that doesn't threaten our own national security. >> he says he is hoping other members of congress will hold similar meetings so they will be pressured to do what he called the right thing. >>> in milpitas, police are looking for two armed men that narrowly escaped arrest earlier this morning. officers responded to a burglary at 2:30 this morning. by the time they arrived, the men were gone. then, about a half hour later, police stopped a car near fremont. the two men fled on foot and inside the car, police say they found items reported stolen from the house. that triggered a five-hour long sear
: that complaint was filed just this afternoon. at the u.s. district court in san francisco. and it's the first to go after both boeing and asiana. >> people have become complacent in the airline industry. there has been a lack of focus and when these accidents happen, it is -- a raised awareness that we all have to have to go back to fundamentals. >> attorney frank petry, represents 12 people on the asiana flight when it crashed at san francisco international airport last month. >> i think the mistake most people have made is looking at this as a plane that was being flown too low and too slow. that's just the tip of the iceberg. >> reporter: in a come plant filed today, asiana airlines and begonia are boeing are accused -- >> one assumed the awe though throttle was engaged. it was not. what is the effective warning system to tell pilots that their automated system is not working? and second early -- we believe that there was a serious shortcoming in the warning system for the pilot to be told that indeed the airspeed was below the targeted range. and i think both of those things in combinatio
rabies out and about. >> a lot of familiar use the park a lot of children, use the park to commute through. >> reporter: so far this year, santa clara county reporting the most rabid bats in five years. five bats found since april. compared to three for all of last year, and two cases the year before. the sick bats aren't just hanging out under the trees. they've been found in high-tech headquarters may 16th a rabid bat discovered on the google campus. east bay, this month a 16-year-old volunteer at the oakland do was bitten by a rabid bat. infected animal was not one of the fruit bats on display at the zoo, but the bat that had flown on to zoo grounds, similar to the ones here. thor. >> was treated, and is expected to make a fuel recovery. that was the third rabid bat in the east bay in the past month. at the public health department, the doctor says there are some clear warning signs. >> bats are usually active at night and flying high in the sky. if you see a bat low to the ground and active during the day, that's not normal. and you should stay clear of that bat. >> reporter: s
embrace the law and added district policy last year making it clear students can use the restrooms, locker rooms and participate in the sports programs they feel comfortable in. >> oakland was ahead of the curve by reviving its policy anti-discrimination policy in november 2012. really this is nothing new. just being more detailed. and making sure there is no confusion that transgender students do have rights. >> reporter: now, critics worry that the law could invade some students' right to privacy. students who don't feel comfortable sharing a restroom or locker room with a transgender classmates. supporters say that concern is overblown. the law will go into effect starting january 1. some school districts like oakland here already have similar policies on the books. reporting live in oakland, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. in many ways this is home base, the bay area for national transgender community. executive director of san francisco's human rights commission has been a driving force. she praised the government there today for signing the bill into law calling it r
. it happened on the east side of san jose on saturday night. marianne favro joins us. the chp is also investigating a second hit-and-run in that same area. could it be linked? >> reporter: well it is a very real possibility. and right now investigators are trying to get to the bottom of that question. 61 year old carlton ford was hit and killed here on saturday night. and now investigators are trying to look for the truck drover and the truck involved in that accident. it was here near alan rock a 61 year old man was hit by a truck and killed saturday. chp officers say the driver never stopped. today investigators talked to neighbors in an effort to try to track down the truck driver. the victim is 61 year old carlton ford. neighbors say he lived nearby. christine says she often saw him using a cain to walk to the library. >> he would always say high. he would always just gesture, and he was just very polite. he was no harm to nobody. and it just, it's hard. >> reporter: this woman who asked us not to show her face on camera said she saw the accident and was stunned to see the truck d
're here on this fire. >> and you know, one more thing, we've covered a lot of fires, both of us. when you look behind you, that is a lot of dark smoke, more than most wildfires we've covered. >> reporter: it's pretty startling. another thing, too, as we were driving up here it looks like a wasteland. amazing to see how much ground this fire has already covered. >> interesting. monty francis reporting, thank you. >>> just in to our newsroom view of the rim fire from above. nasa tweeted this from the international space station today. it shows the massive amount of smoke from that fire. let's check in with anthony slaughter checking the weather conditions there. >> humidity's very dry in this area, really from 15 to 25%. you can see it from our own satellite and the radar perspective with the low humidity, we are expecting cloud cover to drift in tonight with the cold front and that's going to stir up the atmosphere a bit. the unfortunate thing, wins are out of the northeast, which is a dry win. good news, winds will shift becoming more of an onshore wind that has more humidity so it will a
labor day. cheryl hurd joins us from the toll plaza. we were here 24 years ago when this all began. hard to believe it is about to be completed. >> 24 years ago i think i was 2. just kidding. this is ground zero for the closure project and to my right they are full of live trucks and reporters. and later this evening we will find out what will happen later on this evening. but as you can see traffic is rolling smoothly. caltrans is hoping to get the last car across the bridge by 8:00 p.m. >> i will be on the b.a.r.t. i imagine it will be rough. >> that's how bay area commuters are feeling hours before the bridge shutdown that starts at 8:00 tonight. >> planning ahead, making sure if i have anything getting there early enough for the delays. >> reporter: there are a lot of finishing touches. the chp will divert traffic away from the connector ramps. >> after 8:00 p.m. the bridge will be closed to public traffic, restricted areas for caltra caltrans personnel to come in. >> they will begin to demolish the westbound approach to make room for the connector. >> it's two dimensional. no big ae
as they focused on foiting violent crimes. >> we had an increase in violent crime. so it wasn't a matter of us wanting to get rid of the program, it was a necessity. >> reporter: but in the year it was suspended, burglaries went up. there were 2,997 burglaries. during the year before. these three boys weren't doing anything criminal when they were caught cutting class, but they had to call mom and dad anyway. in addition to reopening one of two tab centers, the department is staffing one department full time. up to eight officers will patrol for truant teens. they say bringing back tabs is a good thing. >> all the kids that come into juvenile court, almost all of them have been true ant at some point. >> reporter: now those truancy officers will patrol the streets looking for kids who look like they should be in school. if they are taken in, they will end up either at the tabs center, one of which is open, the others still closed. and they'll either have to call their parents orb they'll have to go back to school. but either way, mom and dad will know they were up to something. >>> thank you.
. the u.s. forest service says that the fire ballooned overnight to more than 16,000 acres, as you mentioned, and it is only 5% contained. at least two homes are3h-÷ destd and 2500 others are threatened to the western perimeter along with campgrounds and resort areas. the access to the fire is a concern, both for fire views and for fire equipment. fixed wing aircraft are working from above as the nearly 1,000 firefighters on the ground deal with steep and stubborn terrain. now add to that dangerous mix heat and what jeff ranieri will be talking about later and that is the threat of dry lightning through tomorrow and some of the folks ordered to evacuate seem shell shocked by it all. >> it's only one way out of here. >> there are things that are not replaceable. that's the way it is. as long as you have your health. >> reporter: a camp for kids with special needs is one of the camps that was evacuated and we saw a counsellor watching as flame retardant fell from the sky. we'll see if that holds. kids from berkeley were evacuated from family camp. and there are still homes and struc
. >> reporter: governor brown says he will use his executive powers if he has to do head off the strike and keep the b.a.r.t. training running until at least november 11th. no movement in talks tomorrow morning, he will ask san francisco's superior court to call an emergency session and consider that cooling off period. that's a 60-day cooling off period. he says he will be requesting. live in oakland. >> thanks very much. >>> family and friends of sandra coke could flern her body was the one found in an unincorporated area of vacaville yesterday. searchers found the woman's body searching for a woman missing since sunday. the l.a. coroner's office tells nbc's bay area they could release the identification of that body as early as monday. police identified a person of interest in this case. randy elena, coke's ex-boyfriend, 20 years ago and a high-risk sex offender. >>> and the teenager who killed herself after photos of herself surfaced, 15-year-old audrey pott allegedly assaulted by three boys during a party in september after she passed out, she committed suicide after pictures of the assault
the line of fire. nbc jodi hernandez is live from grove land. she joins us now. >> reporter: jessica, that fire is a monster. numerous firefighters say they have never seen anything quite like this. as you look over this ring you can see all this smoke coming up. that is where the fire is burning hot and heavy tonight. we are told it is wall to wall flames out there. and as of right now, this fire is expected to just keep on growing. >> this fire is very dynamic, and this fire does have a mind of its own. the resources here have doubled. and right now, we're at 105,000 acres, plus. and we've got over 2,000 personnel here fighting the fire. >> reporter: it's been burning for six days now, but the rim fire's not showing any sign of slowing down. >> you've got terrain. you've got the heat, the try conditions. it is so dry out there. so there's plenty of fuel for the fire to use. and once we see those plumes, it will create an environment all to itself. you have got nationwide resources at your service right now. >> reporter: the u.s. forest service is doing its best to keep res
is live in oakland. >> reporter: well they said that no one is coming to east oakland to save us. that's what one community leader said here tonight. the death of a one-year-old and his father has many people wondering in this city when will all the violence stop in parts of this city. >> no more. it has to stop. >> reporter: this pastor, a member of the oakland community organization says he is overwhelmed with senseless gun violence on the streets of oakland and now that the killing has progressed into people's homes where children are the victims he says words can't describe how he feels. >> the tipping point was a year ago when the first child got murdered and the first child was shot. it was ten years ago when the murdering was out of control. >> reporter: it is back ten years later. >> when i open up my door i seen my other sister talking about the baby was shot. >> reporter: she was asleep at 2:46 this morning in the 400 block of gromley avenue. her 20-year-old nephew, andrew thomas and his one-year-old son, drew were shot and killed. >> the violence needs to stop. too many inno
to get a handle on. >> it's absolutely frustrating. this fire is beating us up right now, but we're going to catch it. we'll just keep hitting it and hitting it. and pretty soon we'll catch it. >> reporter: so far more than iÑ 1400 firefighters have been out here battling this blaze. more firefighters are on the sway. they are expecting about 1700 to 1800 firefighters to be out here to join this fight. and it looks like they need allo the help they can get. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >>> well, that fire outside of yosemite park is6he depleting b financial and personnel row sources. they say they're running out of funds to fight the fires. the rim fire has cost nearly $3 million to fight and it only started on saturday. done to structures and tourism. the rim fire is stretching resources to the limb. about 1300 crews from the bay air why and across the state are ( blaze. the smoke coming up is stilling the3w air down there. tonight we're seeing improvements in the weather. that can help firefighters. jeff ranieri now here to explain that. >>> yeah. those firefighters, while t
in the u.s. today a judge sentenced him to a thousand hours community service. the judge will decide if the conviction can be reduced to a misdemeanor. a man was crossing the street with his wife when the bicycle t ist slammed into him. >> we hope they can work together and that he does something that is lasting to give meaning to the wife that he took away, my father. we hope that he will basically go out and assist the elderly. >> his family also suggested that he could use the time to assist people withdraw mattic head injuries because if his father had lived that's something he would have had to deal with. >>> talk about a bad breakfast at tiffany's. thieves broke in 5:30 this morning. they drove a pickup truck right into the entrance of tiffany's. a very busy area where they were spotted by plenty of witnesses. inside, four men in hoodies spent time trying to break the jewelry cases but didn't have much luck. police wouldn't say how much they got away with, only that it wasn't really that valuable. they estimate the thieves were inside the store for about two minutes before they
and stay at the table. not meet us for 15 minutes and then walk out. >> it's disappointing we don't have an agreement. the idea being here is to get an agreement and that's what we want to do. so that's what we're trying to do. >> reporter: negotiators on both sides say they are committed on getting a deal done. the sooner the better. yesterday they were here until 12:30 in the morning. all the parties say there's been some progress. unions received a proposal from b.a.r.t. and would spend this morning reviewing it and checking the numbers. the sticking points have been pensions, salary and health care and both sides indicate they are still at least $50 million apart on a four year contract. live in oakland, nbc bay area news. >>> more details now, san francisco mayor ed lee released a statement today regarding governor brown's actions saying in part i applaud groumovernor n for taking the steps necessary so that bay area rideser are not affected. our bay riders are our number one priority. >>> two teenagers are dead and three others are in the hospital. the crash happened about a block
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